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  1. Much appreciated! Haven't looked at MCC in such a long time 😛 That's awesome. I have some ideas for a new project I'd like to start, just need to work some things out first 🙂
  2. How goes it, just realized this site was back up. Sent a Discord message to @uaktags about it like an hour ago 😛
  3. Wow, that brings back memories... Am I able to transfer my purchase over? Emails here and at mccodes.com should be the same for verification
  4. Email verification doesn't prevent spam. At all. The spambots are smart enough to check an email...
  5. We are actually rebuilding ezRPG from the ground up :) It will also likely be rebranded. Some news about it will be coming out as soon as we figure out exactly what we're doing for it!
  6. At least he didn't try to steal somebody's name.
  7. This. Or   error_reporting(E_ALL ^E_DEPRECATED);
  8. I highly recommend digitalocean, it's absolutely amazing.
  9. You have got to be kidding me. You don't know what a processor core is? You really shouldn't be trying to run a host.
  10. JakeB


    http://who.is/whois/lostnations.com Only ~$1,800
  11. JakeB

    ezRPG 1.2.0 RC1

    It says in the post
  12. I'm pretty sure he was more so referring to the fact that after he said that is what he wanted the support rep didn't reply for 3 months and then closed the ticket as resolved without doing anything. I would be pissed too.
  13. Maybe it uses a db-based template system.. Besides, I doubt this will ever actually exist. They only released like 2 alpha builds to all the testers, and the last one was released almost a year ago.
  14. Not sure how many times I have had to say this. DO NOT DOWNLOAD A ZIP STRAIGHT FROM THE REPOSITORY. THE MASTER BRANCH IS NOT ALWAYS STABLE. Please use the tags... https://github.com/ezrpg/ezrpg/tags
  15. We will be keeping mysql support, we will just add a mysqli driver to the current dbfactory.
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