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  1. Ok, that fix is not in the latest version. It was made after the last release.
  2. Did you apply the fix Alain posted in this post: http://makewebgames.io/showthread.php/42822-Possible-error-reporting-bug-function-secure-used-before-declared
  3. ^ Thats also a valid point. The copy pasted code, is not that good either, so not a good place to learn from.
  4. The xml file itself is just like any other other php script, you just output in the format as how that file is. Not a big xml fan myself, prefer json. The values to use, either someone who uses mccodes will have to help you with that, or you have to calculate them yourself. Its just like any other page, except you do not have any header files content. Include the db and functions file. If those are included, most of the needed variables are ready. Look in your other pages to see what the variables look like. <rankpercent> might not be ready by default, but thats simple math. currentxp*100/xptonextlevel I do not use mccodes, so I dont know the actual names of the variables. I think the owner of the game is a member of this forum btw, maybe he will help you Edit: http://makewebgames.io/member.php/69579-WindMill is the owner of that game
  5. How they do it is right in your post... http://www.eternalmafia.com/header_xml.php (you must be logged in) data is loaded into the html elements.
  6. This might be related to this post http://makewebgames.io/showthread.php/42822-Possible-error-reporting-bug-function-secure-used-before-declared Something is likely going wrong in a lib file, if you apply that fix, it should become clearer whats up. You might also want to set this in config/config.php if you have not already done so.   // If set to true, the error details will be display for all even non-admins. $alwaysShowErrorDetails = TRUE;
  7. For gaming I think the canvas element is interesting http://www.html5canvastutorials.com
  8. Someone

    Development Platforms

    ^Definitely what Sniko says here. You would be mad if you don't have a game that supports phones and tablets. For the most part that is as simple as serving a separate theme for those users, and not going crazy on javascript I suppose.
  9. Someone

    Security Question

    Not easy to do when working with McCodes. I like to have the validation check if the number is negative right away, so I do not have to check that each time when using the variable.
  10. Someone

    Security Question

    As for number validation, here is a function I have used for some time. The number will then be zero if invalid, you check if its not zero before using the variable. It also removes , from a value, noticed when I logged the invalid data entered, that the most common was to copy paste number formated data, like the players money into the fields.   function validNumber($int = 0){ //If you want to support people pasting in formated numbers. //If these two lines are removed, decimal numbers will be invalid (return 0) $int = str_replace('.','',$int); $int = str_replace(',','',$int); if(empty($int) || $int < 1) return 0; if (preg_match('[^0-9]',$int)){ //Invalid number entered return 0; } else { return $int; } } $_GET['id'] = validNumber($_GET['ID']);   This only checks if the data only contains 0123456789 and is not a negative number. It does in no way ensure that the value is the correct value, the user might have entered the wrong number.
  11. I prefer players able to share mix. And having some super rare stuff is a good thing in my opinion. Depends on the game at hand I guess. Dont let my opinion drag you down though, thanks for making and sharing!
  12. op got a point though, if he is not willing learn some PHP, running a browser game just might not be his thing. No matter how generic the engine is made, I think you really must know basic PHP and how the web work in general. Learning that takes time. Good list of upcoming stuff I see. Point 8 I really think should be done by Alain as its a very central core feature, and many modules will be built around it. 10) I talked with as well, and tested it for him. Good changes he made. I do know that he will need a hook placed for Clan created, so he dont have to change the clan module itself
  13. Thats true. dont get me wrong, I am not jumping to his defense. Just that I think there is a chance of getting the matter solved. If he does not refund you himself, or you come to an agreement on payment and license transfer. Here is the link to paypal resolution center https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=xpt/cps/general/PPDisputeResolution-outside
  14. A bit fast on the scammer name calling. At first I was like yeah, people getting fooled by that guy. I dont know him, but seen enough on the forums to stay away from any deals with him. But seeing your conversation, and time stamp, I think you should give him a chance to complete the deal. Seems to be a disagreement on who's to pay the paypal fee, imagine that is why he wanted it sent as gift.
  15. Was a good idea you had there. Thanks for helping to test the module btw
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