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Usernames to images


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Modify users usernames to images

With this modification, staff members can mod a username to make it an image.

Perhaps give this as a donator feature, and increase profit :)


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* You can now upload images from your computer straight to the directory using the staff panel (22/11/2012)



Thanks for your interest :)

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Looks relatively nice but I'm going to be honest and say that $15.00 for this is quite steep considering this isn't (well I maybe wrong) a very difficult system to create.

Nice work anyway! good luck with sales.

Thanks Dave for the wishes :)

$15.00 is around £9, which isn't that much compared to what you can make with the system; selling username images for money. I've seen a few games with this system in place, so it must be a catcher ;)

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This mod maybe easy to a programmer to code, however it's a decent price for those that do not code or even bother which there are many on here that don't... Not a bad mod, I have seen it on here before but not given out freely- to me it is an easy mod to create, it's used on quite a couple of games I've seen, and a lot of players like the mod and it's a profit mod also.

So the buyer will make back his $15 fast!!

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