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Blood of Eternity


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Blood of Eternity is a text based role playing game, that is placed in Norway, 17th century.

The Story

In the early 17th century a rare species was discovered that caused threat to the civilisation, there on, a group of few selected were picked from the existing Vampires, called The Elders, who made it their life to help protect the civilisation and bring as much peace as possible to the land. They have majestic ruling over all immortals due to their powers being too strong to be fought. The Elders soon realised a threat came to the Vampires as they are most vulnerable when the sun is up, therefore a new race was synthetically created, the Lycans. They were 'slaves' to the Vampires to protect them as they rest, but soon rebelled against the vampires and became their own, hunting vampires where ever.


During the collapse of civilisation, towns’ populations plummeted, as people ran for their lives due to the scare from the immortals. Some humans stayed behind, scavenging the area, trying to persuade those most powerful to take their souls in exchange of inhuman power, to fight the immortals and take back control of their land. This is where the witch race boosted in numbers as the demand for these inhuman powers became high.


The battle between the ownership of the land is still ongoing, and its fate depends on you.

The Mechanics

We've implemented quite unique features, and implemented the story throughout the whole game which we hope will entice players to join and have fun. The game has a simple RPG construction, on that you level up, by doing various tasks and unlock more things to do. We've made sure that the city isn't just a 'trash-can' to link ALL features for the player upon signup, but ensure that they notice when they unlock these features and the city builds upon their character growth.

The Team

We've had two 'part-time' programmers who have helped us tremendously, so a big thank you to Paul Evans and illusions.

The full-time team are;

Myself, sniko


We also are looking into the future and are looking into getting a graphic designer, whom of which we are both impressed with his work.

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