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  1. was about to say cronus has his own forum http://mccodemods.com/ but seems its going to be under new ownership i dunno im sure it could work with a few tweaks
  2. would anyone be intrested in using this still if i re worked it and released some updates for it?
  3. mtg had something like this pretty nice addition good job and thanks :)
  4. no problem :) someone would of noticed it eventually ;) rest of code looks good bit to many echo statements for me but hey everyone does it there own way thanks for the free modification don't get to much free stuff lately.
  5. a custom page for referring people to the game which would show who they referred and could include stuff like if they active or not there level etc stuff like that just a idea :P
  6. line 58 you have a small typo exiit but looks good :)
  7. hi there you seem to have missed a index.php file
  8. well from what i have been told you sold death the license but said to him that you did not know the the info for the site therefor the license being useless to him. you gave him the game? mccodes is not yours to give away i would think that was a breach of license? and for you doing him a favor how can you selling him a fake license for money be doing him a favor if he chooses to use mccodes that is up to him i suppose the only thing we can do is wait for death to supply logs/proof
  9. it should not matter that he is not using mccodes anymore for wisecrime.com when ever you and death made the arrangement you sold him your license to run a mccodes game you should not be able to come back and sell it again. edit: by all rights you should of handed over the info when purchase between use two were made.
  10. wisecrime.com is owned by Death from what i have been told
  11. login is pretty nice will check inside later when got a spare minute or two
  12. ps4 with watchdogs and other stuff is only £380 out of Argos now still cheaper than xbox one
  13. i had the same errors for v2.05b remove the html code before the php code add the css into your css file and add the sqls and images then add your file
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