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NWE what ya making ;)


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Peasants and Globalists

Its based around a fictional world where a small minority of people control the world, and their families before them have done so for hundreds of years. Yet the peasantry think they rule world through elections. A bit tricky, because even if you have drama between two fractions, you cant have just any peasants killing each other, thats just wrong. Its centered around a large mass of land, where the peasantry is refusing to turn over their weapons to the globalists.

I really need to work out the details, hence the reason I am working on non game specific stuff atm, might even be I start a classic mafia game, just to have something out there. Although I think that can be a time stealer for other things.

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Ill try to stay on topic the best I can ;)

Currently im focusing on clan modules cause I feel thats what this engine really needs to get a game up that people will play.

I have already submitted a module for a game mod to switch back and forth between clans in the game to help manage more areas of the game.

I just submitted a weekly lotto module, and once it gets accepted (if it does) I plan on updating it to be a revolving lotto where if it decides to not pick a winner it will roll over the jackpot into the next week, but with an option to not do that if the owner decides not to.

In process I have clan events which is pretty much complete, im just doing some finishing touches and hope to submit that tomorrow morning actually.

I also have a clan vault in the works but am having some difficulty getting it to work the way I really want it. I have completed donating and requesting money and it will have a clan master payout feature with withdraws, individual payouts, and mass payments.

Coming down the pipeline which I may need some help from some of you smarty pants is some sort of clan warring feature. I can do the declaring and surrendering but the hard part is effects after an attack/combat for example deducting for lack of a better term "respect points".

Also what I would like to accomplish but will need help with is a clan armory.

So for now that is whats on my plate and if anyone is interested in helping me tackle any of these feel free I can use all the help I can get

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Just a little update, if you havent been following the posts I have completed a few modules in my previous post.

I knocked out the clan events and a clan vault system which I would link up the posts but im on my phone and a lot of times

when I copy/paste my phone restarts. Also I sorta canned the war module because it was really stressing me out by not working at all the way I wanted so I passed the torch on to someone else.

For the clan armory, at my level it will be a bit difficult because the only options I can think of to do it would need the items lib edited or clans would not be able to loan items only give them but I can take a shot at that if someone really didnt mind that haha.

My next projects in which I wont go into too much detail but I would like to create a clan admin area to maybe store some files for a clanmaster to have a one stop access to managing their clan.

A clan mass mailer so that clan masters can easily communicate to all their lovlies.

An account activation after a user registers to verify the give the correct email for my next idea:

A mass mailer where the owner can send an email to players with a subscribe/unsubscribe to help prevent spamming.

So please, let me know what all you think ALL feedback is welcome and appreciated!

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