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  1. @Dayo Off topic but I had an idea for your upcoming revamp of user profiles in GL. The idea was to add flags to players' profiles and maybe the users online page, based on what their IP address is. So for examples, something like: Level: blah blah Health: Blah blah Country: flag goes here and maybe country name too or just the name and no flag
  2. When it comes to Sim, he's only happy to receive freebies, not give em. Get that through your head guys! Time is money after all, right Simmy? 😄
  3. doesn't even state which engine youre using
  4. I take your point. I wouldn't say its outrageous... Sounds like a interesting idea but very, very elaborate.
  5. You assign the strength/defence of said knife and gun to determine which is stronger and will help you win an attack. Mcc, while not perfect, has a framework with which dayo might be familiar with and can refer to. Unless you have an alternative, tried-and-tested, model which you can detail then I suggest this mcc model.
  6. Attack mod should kind of mirror MCC V2 in my view, With Hospitalise, Mug and Leave options. One to add time to hospital time, one to mug other players' money that they have on hand, and the other to gain EXP by attacking players at a higher level than them in order to level. Turn based attack system with a player's stats and equipment(weapons and armour) being taken into account in determining a successful attack. I would imagine a lot additions like a hospital, and other features will need to amended for it to work like this...
  7. I like it @gamble I think the stat bars could be a little thicker and equally sized cause the energy bar looks a little less thicker than the others. But otherwise very simple and nice.
  8. Mail block feature would be nice if they're isn't one already
  9. I'm excited Some further ideas to these mods: Marriage mod - ability to transfer money between bank accounts? Ability to send notes or "love notes"? Account page - Can view spouse too Extras I would like to see: Attack mod as an alterative to kill system (i think you already said you were working on something like this anyway) that combines the workout module (stats) which might require updating with an estate/house feature like BeniiiBoii's to boost will. Mccode style forums ... ?
  10. I think I am Johnny 😕
  11. Honestly... It is one of the worst looking templates I've ever seen in recent times. It just looks like no work or effort went into it.
  12. We're all going to hell 😧
  13. Poor Ricki and his template 😆 😛
  14. Gimp is not your friend
  15. Looks like you spent no more than 10 minutes on that template
  16. Do you mean similar to how stats (energy, brave, will, and health) regenerate in mccodes through crons/timestamps? Soz, I don't have a fix I just wanted clarification. Because I'd also be interested in that if its what you're asking for.
  17. I like the mod.
  18. Good luck Simmy. Hope you get the job. 😆
  19. This looks really really good
  20. Been hoping for a new fight system for GL - one similar to mccodes - paid or free, I would use it because I'm not a fan of the kill system personally. Dayo said a while ago he was thinking of making one, so we'll just have to wait and see. Some other programmers were thinking of the doing the same.
  21. Yes, GL needs a search feature!!!
  22. A donator pack creation mod with a working IPN for mccodes is highly demanded, if you're looking for ideas
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