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  1. Haha yeah. Maybe no one has been kicked from a gang yet 😛 I like to test everything as I get used to a system 🙂
  2. Hey, Found a small bug in "gangs.inc.php > public function method_kick()" When kicking a player from your gang will get an error message. This is because of "gangPermissions" not having a capital P (small typo :P): $permissions = $this->db->prepare("DELETE FROM gangpermissions WHERE GP_user = :u"); To: $permissions = $this->db->prepare("DELETE FROM gangPermissions WHERE GP_user = :u");
  3. Thanks, oh yeah works on mobile. I mainly use my windows PC so dont have emotes like that 😛 Thanks tho
  4. Thanks @URBANZ I changed what you said but it doesn't seem to be working. I changed the dbconn.php, as well as changed "CH_text" in chat db to utf8mb4_general_ci but emoji's still wont show in chat messages. Anything Im doing wrong? EDIT: Just noticed that when I add a message its not "chat>CH_text" that updates, it creates a BLOB in "CM_messages"...
  5. Thanks for the reply. Do you mean setting the collation in chat database to "utf8mb4_general_ci"? I would love to use twemoji but I dont have the knowledge on how to add it haha
  6. Hey, great mod! This might be a stupid question but how do I enable or add emoji's to the chat system? Thanks
  7. Hey, Wanted to ask what people think would be the best way to add a "Travel Time" to "Travel". So when a player clicks travel it takes a set time for them to arrive at the destination, and while travelling they cant do anything other than work out. I was thinking of using the same logic that is applied for "jail". I want to keep "cooldown" so it will be a new column in database for travel time to be stored. This way a player travels to a destination (travel time = 5 minutes) and wait (cooldown = 2 minutes) to travel anywhere else. Thanks
  8. AinzOoalGown


    Great Mod. This Mod does conflicts with Gang Businesses in GL V2 Premium. However this is not the creators fault. I have renamed all parts in the mod to something custom and it is working as intended. Would be good if this mod didnt use cron jobs, but nevertheless it works the way I want. Thanks Also removed all instances of M_max AS 'max', from cron.php to fix an issue, overwise cron wont run.
  9. AinzOoalGown


    Error with cron.php M_max AS 'max', This doesnt exists in database or schema.sql. Cant see where its being used so I removed it and seems to be working fine now.
  10. Ah yea, never even noticed lol others seem to be working fine, just not crimes.
    Great mod, good addition to GL!
  11. Awesome thanks 🙂 @Dayo I think it might be worth making a Guides Section with in GL Forum part to sticky your information guides and documentation. Or a Wiki page maybe. Thanks
  12. What you mean dont change vendor files? I have made a whole new Theme (mccodesTheme copied it, changed name of it and activated it) and editing that.
  13. How does this work? The module for "PropertyManagement" doesn't have a admin section, and I cant seem to find how a player would purchase or manage any of the properties. Thanks EDIT: Or does a player need to be part of a gang first?
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