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    looks very nice, remember this theme when peter made it and thought i looks good back then. hopefully the project works out for you will definitely check it out when you release it. Need any help with making it mobile let me know definitely could make the layout responsive still.
  2. I have worked with a couple games that are RC and they needed alot of work you would have to rewrite the whole code base. Only option is buy from someone that owns a licence (i would ask for proof of purchase to make sure it was purchased genuinely). Also im not sure who owns the engine now as i know around 2015 ICC sold the engine and it became UOTS Engine. but really wouldn't waste your money. try this engine you will be able to work with it out the box and also the best part its open source with modules actively being developed for it. https://github.com/ChristopherDay/Gangster-Legends-V2
  3. you would you would be better with a more updated engine like GRPG V2 or GLv2. RC engine is using a very outdated code base and would take a lot of work to bring it up to a workable state.
  4. Been working on more menu features like badges etc. also started on the header section not much at the moment and far from the final design just more positions of the elements of where they may go. want a more minimal header. let me know what you think. after the layout is done i will work on the main styles of the game as they need some work for updating to BS4 properly. all other screen shots are at the top of page shows the menu change and gang menu etc. Thanks everyone for feedback so far.
  5. thanks. I'm currently changing the icons so they have their own container and all text starts at the same point after should give it a cleaner look. I am currently testing this it handles long text up to a point as using bootstrap flex container but after that will just wrap text and not break the layout, will probably look into a better way after finishing the main content. ***** update is now posted in first post hopefully you like it ******
  6. thanks. yes this will be for GLv2 want to do something very different with the engine. this has just been updated thought of making it a bit smaller and neater not as in your face
  7. I have been making a layout for a game im currently working on and looking for feedback on the design choice. atm its not much just the side menu which i thought would be cool. give me your honest opinion will be updating the layout over the next couple hours. This is a fully coded layout also fully built from CSS no images apart from the avatar (but the border is css generated). uses bootstrap 4 for responsiveness. will be putting a top bar in the layout with users bars and also a off canvas menu for when in mobile view. Ive updated the menu with a switcher so there is 3 different menus this is main menu this is the gang menu when the user clicks to change views and the last one is Admin panel links which i'm currently working on. let me know what you think of the update. trying to go for something unique and different
  8. no problem glad i could help
  9. should be an easy fix if it is your missions mod anyway. just change ?page=missions&action=accept&id=1 to this ?page=missions&action=complete&id=1 and will still give you reward. just need to put a if user complete check in complete method.
  10. yes don't get why games would allow it tbh but up to them if they want a game with scammers. @SwiftGameR Also the game is running GLv2 and i from what i can tell the missions mod looks the same as the one you are a selling on here so i don't know if that is an issue with the module or something implemented wrong. the issues is when the mission is accepted its all good but if the user just changed the method to complete instead of accept it will give them reward with no further checks to see if users has completed it.
  11. the game loos good and the new updates make it alot better just a couple things. There is a bug in your daily missions that allow users to complete the mission without doing anything, you need to check that the actions have been fully completed before issuing reward. also looking through your rules number 8 "SCAMMING EACH OTHER IS ALLOWED BUT HIGHLY DISCOURAGE" why would you allow scamming on your game it will turn alot of genuine players away from your game you should fight against scamming not allowing it. that is just my opinion.
  12. Thankyou hopefully people will enjoy it.
  13. just an update. This will be releasing in the next couple of days just finishing up checkout with a cart (this is only shown if items exist in the cart) also added the coupon box in the top bar. also an addition of free items if you ever want to give users a free item e.g Christmas. these are single use purchases and wont let users get more than one. let me know what you think. Price wise my thought is around $20 if you think something else let me know don't want to overprice it.
  14. i second this had a look at the game before it was closed and was unique in certain ways and definitely a lot of potential GL with it, will check it out again after it is launched.
  15. Totally crazy where i am Midlands, UK. Took the government too long to declare a lock down and getting worse by the day to get items from shops as the bulk buying was crazy before they put restrictions in place so basic items like toilet roll, milk, eggs and meat is like gold dust soon will be currency LOL. Working status i'm one of the lucky ones that get to work from home so impact wont be anywhere near what others have to face with job losses. I think after COVID the country is going to be a lot worse as the government/businesses will want to recoup money they are spending/losing right now so cost of living is going to go way up which is the part i'm not looking forward to.
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