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  1. urbanmafia


    Hope the community will enjoy it. Yes it will be fully open source all code will be uploaded to GitHub.
  2. urbanmafia


    Thankyou dave for the offer im currently hosting it on my dedicated server might be a good idea to host it here after it is completed. The demo should be released around Wednesday after the base is all finished.
  3. urbanmafia


    I've updated the layout once again changed the top area so not as much put there and also updated mobile view so resizes for each display properly also will be changing tables so they fit nicer. let me know your feedback and if you don't like something please let me know how it could be improved. thanks.
  4. urbanmafia


    Thank you. Not to everyones taste, what would you change or relocate somewhere else?
  5. urbanmafia


    Just worked on a new layout for the rewrite see first post give me feedback and anything that could be changed
  6. urbanmafia


    i have updated first post now with a logo for GRPG CE (Note: the illustration is royalty free not made by me) just added the text styles
  7. urbanmafia


    Thankyou im currently building an error wrapper for all database calls and i put row count > 0 as i will be adding api support which i need to pass back errors if they happen so will be adding error handling through out the code.
  8. urbanmafia


    im playing around with the classes currently and changing them. For the stats ive decided to just go with this to save editing it all the time public function getStats() { $stmt = $this->db->prepare("SELECT * FROM user_stats WHERE US_id = (:id) LIMIT 1"); $stmt->bindParam(":id", $this->id, PDO::PARAM_INT); if($stmt->execute()): if($stmt->rowCount() > 0): $result = $stmt->fetch(); endif; endif; return $result; }
  9. urbanmafia


    demo will be open in the next couple of days when i have finished the modules and theme classes.
  10. urbanmafia


    updated first post uploaded older screenshot it is using sha512 encryption with a salt
  11. urbanmafia


    so for the past couple weeks I've been revamping the whole code base of Grpg V1 and thought i would also revamp the layout with newer standards. i'm currently still working on the layout finishing the header section but i will be releasing all code and layout to the community in the next coming weeks of course fully open source i would name it GRPG CE (Community Edition). All the code base has been updated fully rewritten the code base and all the classes. layout is using Bootstrap 4.4 fully responsive. let me know what you think and what else you would like to see. Main Layout Mobile View
  12. the games run on GRPG V1, i would hope a highly modified version and secured.
  13. I remember this game it has been running for many years but with realistic offers what kind of number you looking for as on average you say it makes around $5k so that would probably value the websites around $50k-$60k for both sites together if the turnover has been projected to stay at this amount. If i remember correctly aswell the layout and game graphics were created by SOS Factory which obviously not cheap so you have put money into the game which you would like to see returned. also would the domains come with the sale and also what happened to the original domain http://prisonstruggle.com? would all rights be owned by the buyer and you would not use designs or code in a new game? Just those questions as if you are looking for anything 5 digits + i would say maybe use flippa might be easier to sell if you have a high number in mind.
  14. I have unfortunately lost this mod and no longer have the code. Sorry but i won't be releasing this to the community for a while will make a new version. Unless anyone still has a copy of it they could send me then that would be a massive help.
  15. I am currently using a REST system but GraphQL looks really good might look at using this instead as could speed up development time.
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