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  1. normally this is caused by filezilla being configured for TLS you can change the encryption settings for connections in filezilla and should work. so change to use plain FTP connection. as sometimes can be a server configuration when FTP isnt set to explicit FTP over TLS Im sure dave could assist with this thats the main issue i would guess it is.
  2. main thing with svg is img tag wont work you need to use the correct formatting so it would be <image xlink:href="URL HERE" width="WIDTH" height="HEIGHT"/> you can also use clip-path="url(ELEMENT)" if you want it to clip to an element. if used correctly then you get result like below
  3. This has already been created by @AdamHull Note: as far as i know this was created before profile hooks existed so dont overwrite your profile page with it take the needed code and copy into your profile code, if you dont do this you might lose alot of functionality of GL profiles.
  4. what you expect these are 8 years old, if you are looking for module for Gangster Legends look in the module section for V2 and also you can make requests
  5. This a good option of you want to get rid of most spam, but still think about genuine players if they have just trying the game put they may not want to give you mobile numbers. If you do look at using this then FireBase is my preferences
  6. this will be free for everyone. it was made with the community in mind and the more people that have it will benefit the community more. Some updates. been optimising the core code and also chaging UI a bit. Added Ajax login with spinner to show login in progress Login panel spinner waiting for response for login Screen of user logged in (still WIP for the UI)
  7. yes RM days and upgrade, next week i will be listing my upgrade store on MWG (finally) and this includes this feature.
  8. yes i thought of this and module that are in bundles use your bundle installer and also any instructions that are included in the module (readme.txt, readme.MD) are outputted after install. if modules require purchase it directs to MWG to make the purchase then the module can then be installed via ACP
  9. So over the past couple days ive decided to build a marketplace that connects with MWG and fetches data to the ACP of the engine, massive reason behind the development of this module was to bring more exposure to MWG and postentially more sales for developers that have published modules within MWG. Features: Login with MWG account Allows direct downlaod/install to the game from ACP. Searching/sorting of modules (in Progress) Module images currently working on for lightbox slideshow Also when finished will be released for free. Note: This does not work with a MWG API this is connected to MWG in a different way.
  10. urbanmafia

    JS get tr ID

    yes this is correct did you want it done in jQuery instead of vanilla?
  11. urbanmafia

    JS get tr ID

    haha its all good it happens, sometime i do the same, so many ideas lol
  12. urbanmafia

    JS get tr ID

    im guessing he would already be doing this as seems like a time tracking kind of system which would make more sense to have a mysql table and built the table with the data but also the question was more directed at the javascript functionality and not the PHP backend.
  13. urbanmafia

    JS get tr ID

    <table id="game"> <tr id="8"> <th>08:00</th> <td colspan="4" rowspan="2" class="stage-saturn">Welcome</td> </tr> <tr id="830"> <th>08:30</th> </tr> <tr id="9"> <th>09:00</th> <td colspan="4" class="stage-earth">Speaker One <span>Earth Stage</span></td> </tr> <script type="text/javascript"> document.getElementById('game') .addEventListener('click', function (item) { var row = item.path[1]; alert(row.id); }); </script> something like that would do it
  14. there is alot of solutions in he free mods section that do this just use the search bar at the top. I wouldnt advise this though as so many people use VPN and sometimes the IP of the user will change depending if it is dynamic or not.
  15. urbanmafia

    JS get tr ID

    <table id="game"> <tr id="8" onclick="myFunction(this)"> <th>08:00</th> <td colspan="4" rowspan="2" class="stage-saturn">Welcome</td> </tr> <tr id="830" onclick="myFunction(this)"> <th>08:30</th> </tr> <tr id="9" onclick="myFunction(this)"> <th>09:00</th> <td colspan="4" class="stage-earth">Speaker One <span>Earth Stage</span></td> </tr> <script> function myFunction(tr) { alert(tr.id); } </script> i would guess something like that
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