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Private Rust Server


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Haven't had much time to actually set up and play this, feel free to check it out. Waiting for my gaming PC to come in. Feel free to check it out. I have no clue what i'm going to do with this, was tired of getting killed. So I decided to create my own server, any ideas let me know.



Screen Shot 2023-09-02 at 7.39.37 PM.png

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3 hours ago, peterisgb said:

Ugh, I got the basics, But i fail at maintaining the base, Doing advanced stuff and surviving hehe, Always get killed.

Feel free to join that server, I’ll try to make it noob friendly when the pc come in. 

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3 hours ago, AdamHull said:

Out of curiosity what specs does this server have and what is the player limit

my friend has been asking me about making one and I have no clue on the specs it requires


I use the service below but if you and ya friend are interested in running this one let me know, willing to partner up on a community. PS: I know it seem like i'm trying to throw this off on members but hey it's free i'm paying, why not take advantage of this.



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