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Do you have a project?


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Admin team: sorry if I’m putting this in the wrong place.

I had a thought, and whilst I’m not an active part of this community it was my home for many years so I’d like to give back.

do any of you budding game developers have a project in mind that you would like to bring to fruition? But maybe need that little bit of support (cost of living, financial crisis, young and broke etc)

I’ll like you to tell me your project idea (for the sake of clarity I don’t have any intention of getting back into game development or any kind of development in general so I’m not here to steal your ideas) 

I am only going to pick one of the projects but I would like to support one of you by either finding a years worth of hosting from these kind folks at MWG that now provide hosting, or by purchasing a license to one of the game engines available - I think this is only MCCodes and GL at the moment that offer paid versions.

alternatively if you have all these things but need a domain I’m happy to change it and get a domain for 2 or 3 years for you.

Just my way of giving back to the community and hopefully helping the next generation of youngsters getting into the game dev scene.

equally if you can think of something else I can provide I am happy to consider - not sure of the learning platforms these days where you can subscribe to get tutoring etc but happy to consider it.

forgive any grammatical errors, on phone - giving me a hard time at the moment.


please note with any of these no money will change hand I will purchase these and transfer ownership rather than getting money for your sex drugs and rock and roll from me.

Edit: will promise to check back regularly unlike my once every other month. 

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21 hours ago, Djkanna said:

This is still on the table should anyone be interested, I’ve not received any interest yet - I wonder if another approach would be to buy a couple of things like 12m hosting, GL license and do sort of a random number lottery style thing instead? 

If you are begging me to take a midget OF subscription... oh, go on then!

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