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If your looking for a free domain why not try: https://www.freenom.com/en/index.html?lang=en

This will give you a free domain of what you prefer and will be easier then asking people to donate one, yes it does not look professional. But if you are using this to just start out this will be easier.

I remember when I started out I used CO.CC many years ago 🙂

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blinderscity.com is now registered. If you want to send me the DNS to send to, I'll point it for you now.

If you sign up to namecheap, I'll figure out how to push it to your account too, although, might be delayed for 90 days as some registrars won't instantly let them be tranferred.

Either way, transfer now or in 90 days (or whenever between, or after) - it's yours.

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