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14 hours ago, Dustin Rohel said:

What would I enter in database?

1. Load PHPmyadmin

2. Click table Users, and you'll want to click Structure near the top.

3. head down to exp and follow along and click Change.

4. Change Type from int to Decimal.

5. change Value Length to 11,2 from 11.

6. Click Save.

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2 hours ago, ags_cs4 said:

yes thats right but thats at least 2 bill


To be fair I'd just change the exp formula to require 100 exp per level and then base exp around the game off that, make the gains for different things a smaller percentage and have it based on things like how much higher level you are than the person you're attacking and limit the percentage at a cap of 5-7. And if you attack really low make it so that the percentage is really low.

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5 hours ago, Dustin Rohel said:

Got the levels done, know how to raise required stats for jobs? They cap out at 999 each. Tried playing around with it a bit

Do this in the jobs table....(going on a memory from a decade ago that I last properly looked at MC2)

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