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I am wondering y more games are not focused on not PvP gameplay. I myself, prefer to have stuff done against other players as well as receive notification that things have happened to me UNTIL I END UP ,1,000/notifications a day.


Ex: crimes committed against other players , cars stolen from other players. BOTH OF THESE MODS ARE CREATED BY ME AND ON the marketplace. Mods is now owned by @KyleMassacre


Then when played have businesses, version crimes, ECT are done to player,.


Then again, other game owners are incapable of doing this. 🙂

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Gotchya and yes, gameplay for me is paramount because the player base won't get established and the money won't flow without it. I mean some games get away with doing jack and adding a couple of crappy mods every now and then just to appease the base and hope the money keeps flowing but by this stage the game is already dead or at least on life support so their only hope is that the game economy is sound enough to keep it going to not enforce a game killer with a game reset - unless introducing rounds like your Fortnites of this world. I've gone off on a tangent. If games did employ the ability for more PVP then yes it would do wonders for gameplay with player base being organic/money being organic around that.

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The problem with PvP is it's very hard to balance, if you have someone who is hyper active vs someone who only gets to play a hour or two a day the hyper active one will always have the advantage. The less active one may spend a few hours stealing a car for a OC for the hyper active one to go and steal it 5 minutes later to add to the 20 he already has.

A good game has a balance of PvP as well as PvE solely focusing on one or the other is a recipe for disaster.

You also have to think to be fully PvP you need a large/active user base something that is hard to achieve when starting out over time its good to implement PvP features but they need to grow as your game does.

4 hours ago, Sim said:

I tend to forget it's all about player base and money. Not better gameplay. 🙂 ThaThat is all @Canjucks

Just because you dont like the game play does not mean they are doing it for the money. And IMO making a game that the user base enjoys is what you should be trying to do, if you are closed off to ideas and just do what you want your game will die.

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