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Does anyone know the code to add a image in jail.php in crimes ?

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10 minutes ago, newttster said:

This is how I have it in a php file. It displays fine but I haven't had the time to have my files verified for security. Use this at your own risk.

echo "<center><img src='/images/jail.png' />";

I highly doubt this will cause any security issues. 

@athenadepends on what you want, if you want to display the avatar or something similar you will have to add it to the loop, or if you just want a picture of a jail then add it to where you want it then style it 

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I wanted the users avatar to show in jail and hospital . User display picture. Were it shows there name in jail.php or hospital to show user display pic + name .




This is my jail.php




include "globals.php";print "<div class='generalinfo_txt'><div><img src='images/info_left.jpg' alt='' /></div><div class='info_mid'><h2 style='padding-top:10px;'> Jail</h2></div><div><img src='images/info_right.jpg' alt='' /></div> </div><div class='generalinfo_simple'><br> <br><br><table class='tablee'><tr><td><center><img src='/images/jail.jpg' /></td></tr></table><br><table width='75%' class=\"table\" border=\"0\" cellspacing=\"1\"><tr bgcolor=gray><th>Name</th> <th>Level</th> <th>Time</th><th>Reason</th> <th>Actions</th></tr>";$q=$db->query("SELECT u.*,c.* FROM users u LEFT JOIN gangs c ON u.gang=c.gangID WHERE u.jail > 0 ORDER BY u.jail DESC");while($r=$db->fetch_row($q)){print "\n<tr><td>{$r['gangPREFIX']} <a href='viewuser.php?u={$r['userid']}'>{$r['username']}</a> [{$r['userid']}]</td><td>{$r['level']}</td><td>{$r['jail']} minutes</td><td>{$r['jail_reason']}</td> <td>[<a href='jailbust.php?ID={$r['userid']}'>Bust</a>][<a href='jailbail.php?ID={$r['userid']}'>Bail</a>]</td></tr>";}print "</table></div><div><img src='images/generalinfo_btm.jpg' alt='' /></div><br></div></div></div></div></div> ";$h->endpage();?>






I've tried adding this


if ($r['user_level'] == 2) {$user = "<font color='red'>{$r['username']}</font>";} else if ($r['user_level'] == 3) {$user = "<font color='blue'>{$r['username']}</font>";} else if ($r['user_level'] == 4) {$user = "<font color='green'>{$r['username']}</font>";} else if ($r['user_level'] == 5) {$user = "<font color='pink'>{$r['username']}</font>";} else if ($r['user_level'] == 1) {$user = "<font color='white'>{$r['username']}</font>";} else if ($r['donatordays']) {$user = "<font color='#008B8B'>{$r['username']}</font>";} else {$user = "{$r['username']}";}if ($ir['display_pic']) { &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;$display = "<img src='{$r['display_pic']}' width='30' height='30'>"; &nbsp; &nbsp;} else { &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;$display = "<img src='{$gender}' width='30' height='30'>"; &nbsp; &nbsp;}

But I get a error is my code of adding wrong ?


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