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Falling asleep at desk ?


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How many people have falling asleep at there desk or laptop on there lap while programming? 

I am 36 and I have never done it until recently. Several times in last few months. And i believe i code less now then i use to. At least conservatively. I use to code for 1-3days in a row no sleep. Sitting down anywhere for 4-9hrs at time. Now its like 4hrs max before needing break and have actually passed out 5-10times in last 2 month's while coding.

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I usually and still do battle through the yawns until I'm satisfied with the progress I've made that day 😅

Although regular breaks at 4hrs is probably a good idea for the eyes, but if you're feeling fatigued and literally narcolepsing on your laptop, maybe up the vitamins and nutrition abit 😄.. or see a doctor and see what's up?

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If I'm tired I just go get into bed and sleep, regardless of the time. Coding can be taxing on you mentally though so getting tired is certainly normal.

Staying up for 3 days at a time isn't good for you either, you're going to start making silly mistakes at that point. You're better off writing higher quality code for shorter periods of time, then trying to produce a lot of poorer quality code over a longer period of time.

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