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SQL where = "text"

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I want to use an sql query where the column has text I want to sort my rows I display for each. I need some help in getting the syntax correct. I might be going about it the wrong way as in a better way is probably there I just don't know that way.

    $Offensive = $this->db->prepare("SELECT * FROM `some table` WHERE SC_desc = 'some text'");

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You might need to be a little more clear but I think this is what you mean ?

$Offensive = $this->db->prepare("SELECT * FROM `some table` WHERE SC_desc = 'some text' ORDER BY column_name DESC");


Or change DESC to ASC to switch the order they are sorted.

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thanks guys. I was trying to get a string to = a string and was put in the right direction on discord. It was quite a head scratcher for me particularly when you're trying to learn this .... now to get a function together and understand the #each so I get this in the categories the way I wish to have them

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