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JavaScript Display errors on Android Mobile

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Anyone with a real answer to this question that I find serious want to reply.[

11 minutes ago, Magictallguy said:

Yes, a laptop 😛

Second answer with smart ass remarks. And what makes it even worst is your an Administrator representing MakeWebGames.  @Dave



How about stop being a young me and drop the attitude; it ain't gonna help you in this world

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You've misunderstood a joke and taken it as attitude, then a position check. Nice. I'm sooo inclined to actually help you now.


Back when I was coding on a phone, I used Droid-Edit. It allowed console access for locally-running scripts.
Failing that, head to about:debug in a Chromium-based Android browser to access console output

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Joke or not, I googled this last night for two hours and unable to do any further coding while you here having a good time joking around about something that is not a joking matter to whatsoever. 

You bet your ass, I find no humor in your slick ass comments.


I read about about: debug. It keeps redirecting me to chrome: about page not found

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