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Sims help with GL coding issues


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I am currently developing on my Android, it seems I can't view source code on these damn browsers. Due to the poor error handling on GL, I can't seem to figure out why I can't get nothing to display or of it is even rendered and I can't see it.

I uploaded my folder I'm installed basing the code format off various other modules. Mine is list d and active, so it should render the appropriate template Area.

[email protected]

Pass: testing123



Before I break my last electronic (this phone, I'm going nap)


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Seems like I forgot this in the json file. And it fixed everything. 😉



    "admin": [
            "text": "View Skills",
            "method": "view"
            "text": "New Skill",
            "method": "new"
            "hide": true,
            "text": "Edit Skill",
            "method": "edit"
            "hide": true,
            "text": "Delete Skill",
            "method": "delete"

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I had the same exact issue when i first started developing for gl legends but once you get the hang of its style its easy.


edit: i learned quite a bit from looking at the free modules on the market place and in the game as references which helped a lot

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Since I already posted and some people may have an idea of what my first plugin is. I decided to post about it. If you haven't heard of me, I was the founder and sole creator of a PHP oRPG Creator, which I no longer have the files on. At least I can recreate a lot of the features for GL.

This is going to b a stat plugin. It' will add new stats or skills to a players character. After going threw some code, I decided the way I went about it would be the best way. With the way I have written it. People can access the stat/skill threw the $user->info from any file. I believed this would be more beneficial instead of having to include or alter any other files for many reasons. In case of updates, and people messing there active game up changing or adding code.

So in the Admin Panel, people can create the name of the Skill or Stat, it's default value(starting value), it's Max value. People can also choose weather the Skill or Stat can be updated by the user threw skill points. And there's also the option of keeping a Stat or Skill hidden from the user. This is good in situations where hidden factors play a part in the game. Say the skill "GTA" it's hidden, but after every attempted car theft it increases by 1 point. The more points they have the more experienced they are. It might be a bad example but you get the idea.

I still need to code the Edit & Delete features. As well as creating a page for a user to see all there stats/skills which this will be more of a coding example then anything else.

I also believe with the stats and skills being easily available without any further code modifications, people will more able to use other people's plugins to work with there's and build off each other's. Making more of the game all working together instead of every feature only by itself if that part makes sense. 

$strength = $user->info->strength + $user->info->kickboxing + (0.10 * $user->info->woodworking);



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