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At the moment I have a MacBook (13-inch, Late 2009)


It is in mint condition and I don't know how much to sell it for.

I live in the UK (East London) So price may be different to other places.

If anyone can tell me how much I can sell it for that will be great!

As after I sell it I want a new windows 7 laptop. Brand new and I am willing to pay £500.

However I need to know opinions on laptops and which one is the best to buy for £500.


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I always check gumtree for a rough estimation and it appears that London as a whole is averaging 350-450 for that year.

That said, the ads are still listed so potentially unsold and that could be one of 3 reasons.

1. People aren't quite liking the higher end of that scale.

2. Owners too lazy to remove it.

3. Distance is an issue as London is quite big

With regards to windows laptops, avoid pcworld - expensive for what you get.

Personally, I've always bought windows laptops second hand - get fairly decent spec for a fair chunk off the new cost.

I use gumtree and local newspapers etc for that too.

That said, with 500, you could just get one new and it'll still be decent spec.

Be sure to base your initial purchase mostly on processor and motherboard max memory.

That way, if you need more memory you can always expand.

Throwing an SSD in is always a good call too.

These days, I don't fux with Microsoft - Id go for a new Mac. 2014 models are fairly decent (I own the 13 inch, 2014)

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I just bought an old 13inch Macbook3,1 late 2007 off a guy for $100. They only thing wrong with it is the inverter cable which is a $7 part.

I also have a 17" ASUS G73SW which is too clunky to carry around so i bought pervious said.

Just some input on my computers haha sorry that it wasnt too productive

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I have a Clevo P150EM I had built but is under going repairs [new HDD and testing], they're in various prices and some are not soldiered kit, most custom makers like PC Specialist and CyberPowerSystems use these on their Gaming Series. Also got a Lenevo Thinkpad Yoga which is going for a new Screen, then flogging it off for about £500 providing the new screen doesn't suffer the same issue as the old one. I'd steer clear from Lenovo though, just seem to be unreliable these days.

If you want a decent £500 Laptop you'll need to decide on what it is you want to do on it as a whole, how fast you want to get it and if you're bothered about brands. HP do a few good laptops with some Media sense, track pads are a bit naff on them though, but very few can compare to a Macbook's trackpad anyway. Also, I wouldn't be too concerned about the CPU brand, AMD do have some good APU's in Laptops, which can do light gaming and generally cope better when the GPU is accounted for, unless of course said Laptop by Intel has its own dedicated GPU.

MEDION make decent laptops on a budget, they're not the prettist machines in the world but you do get some decent Specs for the money; I want the MEDION ERAZER X7831 but I don't have £1,299 to splash on a Laptop anytime soon lol. Asus Transformer Book Flip TP300 looks pretty neat, they're like £499 in Currys/PC World.

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Good choice in hardware @Guest I have an early '14 13in as well and runs like a champ.

At OP:

why not just parallels and run win7 on it like I do. The only issue I have is I can't do windows mobile development

Does that mean you have the Air?

AFAIK, the Early 14 model is the Air and the Mid 14 is the Pro.

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Maybe I am wrong but it is the PRO which is like a few mm bigger than the air but tbh I don't really see a difference between the pro and air

In looks, there's not a lot of difference - it's all internals.

Air: 1.4 Ghz and 4GB

Pro: 2.6Ghz and 8GB



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