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New Game - Partner or Helper Required


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I have started to build a web game completely from scratch.

This website is offline atm on my wampserver.

I've been having a few problems on the way but the basics are there already.

The question i am asking, can someone help me sort it out or Partner up on this game and take 50/50 profits when games goes online.

I have no starting money atm so will be looking for someone who can work on this with me for free in a contract to receive 50% of the money if this project works and works in the current market.

Person will at least know mysqli connection and query's, (This is my weak point, I'm ok but not great.)

Please PM me for more info etc.


E-mail: [email protected]

Pass: User



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Your errors with mysqli is that you need to include your connection $var with the other $var you have used. that is why you get those errors on your userlist page..

just an example:


should be



yeah i've already done that.

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What are you trying to accomplish with this game with regards to functioning? Meaning what style are you going for, mafia, gang, military...what?


The idea i was thinking of running along, you the player is the commander. you buy soldiers one by one or so depending on level, you train then, equip theses soldiers with weps etc and they fight other players against there soldiers to win xp for you solider to rank them up and xp for you the commander.

Does this make sense?

The Registration is complete. just closed as its new.

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