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Cron Jobs 5 + 1 Minutes HELP !


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How do i add a cron for 1Minute + 5Minute without the use of a cronjob ,..

as ive gone with a shared host with hostgator without realising they limit your ammount of crons unless yuh go for VPS / Dedicated servers,..

Mug OFF ,.. can anyone help me with this problem please ????

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I did something like this with my site.

5 mins if i'm correct your nerve or energy refill by 5.

So in the 1 min make it refill plus 1 instead of 5.

Sorry if I make it sounded harder than it is but it's very easy to do it.

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Cron Jobs 5 + 1 Minutes HELP ! Part 2


this has not helped and only caused errors in the game,. everything was done as said to be ,.. what shell i do :/

does anyone know off any good cheap shared hosting i could transfer over to,.

which doesnt restrict my cron tabs

as ive still got my 45 day money back valid.

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I merged the two threads as there was simply no need to open a new one.

Searching this question gives you a number of options, and well I've not seen seen Sniko's solutions I'm sure it's worth the money.

A free option can be found here and somewhere on this site there is a least 1 thread about MySQL events as a replacement. I would suggest such searches as "Cron Job Replacement." or "timestamps".

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