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I'm Jigsaw, I've just joined because after many years of playing text based games, I have the urge to create one. My coding skills aren't so good with PHP, but I am familiar with MCCodes V1/V2 and have been using it for about 3 months now, before joining MWG. But now after playing around with the engine, I've decided to take it the extra mile by actually going onto creating one. But I need some help, I'm in need of 1 trusted developer who has experience along side me working on the game, if thats possible. I can't really say there is a budget, but this person will receive 50% from game donations from what we make every month. I know its not much, but I could really do with someone who's more skilled then me, I could even learn a thing or two.

Another thing is I need a theme for my game (no mafia, godfather genre's), I mostly like survivor type of games, maybe something based on my name or similar, Jigsaw -- The Saw series? That could be interesting, maybe someone could expand on that? I also dislike medieval themes. Meh, just not what I would like to play along to.

Some additional information; as of yet, I'm going to work on the game on a sub-domain and soon, I will try to get hosting. And I will be using MCCodes V2 for ease of knowledge. I hope the game has a nice small (doesn't necessary have to be huge) community, and if anyone wants to help me on this project, your more then welcome, just post here or PM me.

Other then that...Hi. :)

Edit: A game name would be appreciated to, thanks!

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@Ian - At the moment...I'm quite flat out broke at the moment, but if not I'll develop the game on my own.

@rockwood - That game looks epic, I'll be doing something similar but obviously not entirely the same.

@Script47 - Thanks, appreciated!

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