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Illegal License Notice - Icecoldnetworks?

Blade Maker

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Hey, I see you must have brought the codes from someone else other then the original owner. The original owner is IceColdCola which owns Icecoldnetworks and he keeps a database where once you buy his script you give him your web name an he puts it in so he knows you legal to use his codes. The ones you brought are from someone else so you did not pay the original owner and are using the scripts without his permission so he can get the game taken down. If I were you and you want to run of that engine I would pay him because now he has noticed you a running his scripts. The codes are originally ruthless-cities which Icecold made and sold of to Will.

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I didn't spam, I know some players were and I've sent out an announcement to stop. I apologize if its still continuing.

2, if it was the original owner of ruthless city, it was already modified, and was modified further, so therefor it wouldn't be the same engine from him.

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IF he does have legal grounds and you decide to pay for the codes, I would strongly suggest contacting him via Icecoldnetworks or ruthless city and make sure you're actually dealing with him before giving him any sort of payment. You never know it may just be some d-bag trying to scam you out of $80

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If it isn't "ruthless city", and you can prove it then do so. If it is, and you bought it off someone else show them, and ask for the license to be transferred over.

If it's something you bought off someone else, and it's just similar... try to prove it. If you can't prove where you got it from then maybe show the table structure (it can't be exactly the same now can it?) or even contact the original seller for information on the license your under.

On a side note what license is RC actually being sold under? Without knowing I have no worth while advice to give you other then "try to prove your side of it".

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Hello blade, As i have told you before (im sure i have) But i will tell you again, Some one some how got hold of Rip city live in BETA mode when it was getting re-made i know this because i was the one doing the work, i went on holiday for a few weeks then came back to the game in a mess (the owner had let someone onto the host) Not sure why but i flipped but lucky they got a very bugged copy of the script It is now 80% finished and due for opening when i have enough time to finish it that is.

Let's brake this down.

1) Who did you buy this bugged copy off alot of people are getting it (but not buying it) they get it for free (not calling you a fibber but i doubt you did pay for it)

2) Did you pay via paypal? If so there is a high chance of getting your money back and giving the money to ICC

3) Rip city live is license (one of the very few that is)

Hope this help's.

Kind regards.


EDIT: as you say rip is very heavily modified yes even more so now but it still came from the ruthless engine which means you will have to pay the owner (IceColdCola) Aka Martin to have your site up and running.

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