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First Game Layout


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Been working on a game layout, first one I have done. Login is done and still working on in-game, hopefully will have time to finish in next few days. What do you guys think?




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In-game added!
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sorry if this sounds nasty but personaly i dont like it, the ingame looks like you got a pattern off the net then just added several boxes and applied a predefined fireworks style to them. plus why does the user information overflow the header therefore moving the main content area down.

sorry if this dosent sound nice but pussy footing around you will only hinder you in the future

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The in game is not to my taste either, you need to experiment with fonts more, and use correct sizes for each elements.

The effects on the main content also look ammature, try using different real life textures with layer styles and try to play around a lot more with the effects options so you don't end up with the standard looking bevels.

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Will be open to selling this layout, $20 for PSD's or $70 for fully coded and can make any changes neccessary to ensure your happy with it

You could fetch a higher price if you act upon our feedback!

Good luck with sales :)

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