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Suggestions On Engines/Framework (And, I'm willing to 'pay' for one)


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Hello All,

I'm looking for an engine/framework that features the basic framework for account management, administration, security, and so forth. I looked at MCCodes and the other engines featured here, but the truth is is that I'd be hacking those apart very drastically since the game that I'm building is very unique compared to what those have to offer. The key things, again, are account management (login, registration w/ e-mail verification, session tracking, session security, account security measures, etc), admin tools (can be the basics), and the code needs to both have solid security in place such as string sanitization, password encryption, session hijacking, and so on. It also needs to be well documented and the code needs to be well structured, along with well structured code files.

This could be the basics of an existing game that has the base framework in place with the features mentioned above.

Now, personally, I'm a Web Developer. I do front-end and back-end development on a big e-commerce website. I have familiarity with and used to editing and introducing new features, plugins, and so forth for frameworks like Magento and Wordpress. I have extensive knowledge of HTML, Javascript, AJAX, PHP, MySQL, and even other programming languages such as C#, C++, VB, along with experience using Truevision3D, Unity3D, and dabbled a little with HeroEngine. I've also been doing Web Development for over 10 years.

I need this engine/framework fairly quickly, otherwise I'd build it myself. I'm about to invest in around $600 - $750 in artwork, and submit the game to Kickstarter. However, I will need a basic gameplay demo in place. But, I'm also on a fairly tight schedule, and I'm going to ultimately want to release the game this Summer.

Either you can reply here, PM me, or add me to MSN ([email protected]) or e-mail there.

Also, if the Kickstarter proves to be a success I'll be looking to hire an additional programmer(s) to work on back-end stuff. If the Kickstarter fails, I will be doing the coding myself (but the project will take much longer to launch).

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So, I may look at purchasing New Worlds Engine, but I'm kinda of hesitant. I like the fact that it has some solid security behind it (anyone experienced with it know how secure it is?). But, how much am I allowed to alter the code? A lot of it will be scrapped and i'll be building some heavy AJAX into it.

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NWE Is certainly fully modifiable, due to its modular design, nearly everything is actually a module and can be kept, replace or removed. You may also only use some pieces and trash everything else and in any cases no parts are hidden or obfuscated.

Now if you have all the skills you say, why use an engine? And why use PHP in first place? If you know C# I would personally go with C# / ASP.NET

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If looking for a framework, and not a turn key operation, I too can vouch for the NWE engine. Been checking it out the last days, and its really a solid framework. The amount of hours saved by using this framework I imagine is in the hundredS, that is if I even could think up all the backed features and structure that have went in to it.

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