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What would you do in my situation?


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You already have a game you've built on for three years. In my opinion the answer is quite obvious here.

3 years is a long time and games now even text games are becoming more advanced if he was too put his game up now most things he created 3 years ago will be outdated in some players eyes...

players you have on your game already must enjoy the game or they would have left ages ago and if its bringiing in some capital for you. Then you could use that capital to invest in a second coder, Thus taking the burden off you to create what you want to do....

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Two choices:

1: Continue working on and improving your existing product and be happy with the potential for less exposure than you may or may not get with a more mainstream genre.

2: Start again, and quite possibly end up in the same situation as you are in now, three years on.

Much like technology (as Cavella pointed out), people's interests change, in three years time it's plausible that what is mainstream now, won't be mainstream then.

The best answer you're probably going to get is:

You already have a game you've built on for three years. In my opinion the answer is quite obvious here.

Do whichever you feel more passion for, at the end of the day you're building this for not only the enjoyment of others, but for your enjoyment also.

Best of luck with what choice you make.

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Maybe if you invested time and money into marketting your game you may just find that your game does not belong to such a 'niche' market and may just end up becoming a very large game! Too simple throw away three years of work would seem stupid to me! Hire a partner in which can help you run and code for the game you already have and the new game? There are a ton of options you can do before resorting to scrapping one! Push to go for both in my opinion!

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Sure its www.riteriai-ir-pabaisos.lt its in Lithuanian so yeah... Username and password: demo/demo and as I said its text based and its designed for mobile devises with internet (mobile phones, tablets, etc.) so its not full screen and there's no fancy flash, java script or ajax stuff.

Looks pretty good, granted I've not done anything productive with my little test (I just random clicked links that I had no idea where they would take me).

Continue with it, make it into something even more unique.

Good luck. :)

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