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Few days ago, few members of this community bought forward a discusion about: Having external sources indexing makewebgames.io free modules forum where the community members posts free modules for the MCCode engines. This instance has simulated thoughts about MCCodes just using MWG to populate their site with useful resources from makewebgames when makewebgames is not related to mccodes whatsoever. MCCodes understands your opinions.

We now offer members of this community to PM me or post below if you would like to filter yourselves out from having your MWG posted modules threads getting searched indexed and displayed at MCCodes Marketplace (http://mccodes.com/mwg_freemods.php).

However, I believe it adds value to your thread (content, code work, fame) if you allow external sites to display your modules posted in this website.

On another note, will need downtime for MakeWebGames server for a few hours: cpanel updates require us to go up to mysql 5 and we've been camping on mysql 4.1 for ages so an upgrade process is required.

We will make it arbritrary time where this site has less traffic.

Tuesday 04:00 GMT

Thats 4am UK time

5pm my time.

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