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Script Engine for Sale


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I have had someone offer me a custom script engine for sale,

could anyone verify this please.





Login Screenshot:


In game Screenshot:


reason i ask is because i suspect that he did not create it and is trying to scam me.

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Ok after logging in it does look like the GL engine could be wrong theres lots of scripts out there like this


it does have some things that gl doesnt like

change status to "online" , "busy" , "away"


Drug Factory

i also noticed that instead of page.php it uses this


i played about with it for couple mins only found 1 error in the time

Warning: Division by zero in /home/outlaw/public_html/players_online.php on line 66

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I can probably guarantee "he" didnt make this himself. Im no master of gl or nothin but it does look like a lot like gl in many aspects.

Now question is:

Since gl is a free script can he sell it?

If he can sell it, what about the stuff inside it?

If its not gl, what script is it and does he have the right to sell it?

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I would be surprised if you could sell it, Free pieces of code are often distributed with a GNL Open Source License meaning you must make it freely available.

Agreed, but I think if you give up your license along with it everything should be fine. Im more worried about the stuff inside since im pretty sure the person selling this didnt make it and some of the stuff inside are "freebies" that jamiee have made if memory serves me correctly. So if this does get sold whats stopping him from selling it to other people since calling this a custom script is a little far fetched?

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That's a common wrong understanding of the GNU license (GPL). You are allowed to sell GNU software, like RedHat does or other Linux distribution do. Basically you sell a "package" and for that you can ask money, however what does GNU force is the free source redistribution, which means any software which is copyrighted under the GNU shall be freely downloadable as source.

Now, going back to GL Script, I tried to find any copyright or distribution notice and failed to do find them. Therefore it could be considered a non open source project which is distributed for free. That would mean, you are not allowed to sell it, or re-distribute it, but you are free to download and modify it for your own needs.

If GL Script falls back to GNU GPL and not LGPL, then, what happens is the following, you could still sell a package, but you must as well give away your sources for free to all, even files you modified or files you added to the script. GPL is like a virus => it forces anyone using a GPL source to re-distribute their own work based on the GPL files.

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Now im going to be frank here. lets say this isnt GL, but judging by the person selling this script there has to bea minimum of 2 parties involved. One is the seller which we all know is skooda, which as far as I know cant all of a sudden within the past couple weeks create an engine. And the other people are un named. I would be very weary of buying this cause whos to say the other people involved dont want their stuff on the market or to be given out?

And how do we know we are not going to get a nice little letter from our host threatening a DMCA.

Also, how about the security? So skooda can you please enlighten us on any concerns?

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i can nearly say 100% that this is based of GL, i have found over 8 pages that are the same, and the TOS is nearly the same, all they have done is added a little to it, safe.php and connect.php exists as when you go to them you get a white page (what is meant to happen).

also the bj cards are all named the same as well as the smiles, if you still don't believe me im sure i can find much more to prove its GL

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I would be surprised if you could sell it, Free pieces of code are often distributed with a GNL Open Source License meaning you must make it freely available.

Generally speaking, being open source doesn't meet you *have* to distribute the code. You can keep it for yourself, or you can sell it with most of the licenses; only some licenses prohibit charging for your modifications.

EDIT: Ooops, hello Page 2.

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