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doubt with script, please help


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Hello, a user of this forum I sold a game called mobslife script, the user of this for me said no license needed mccode, but send it to me I've seen that has a file licence.txt which begins: You must agree generally to the license below in order to use MCCodes.

php files and the header says: Mono Country Codes v2.0: DB Class

My question I can use it freely as the user assures me that I sold it to me?

because I do not have mccode license.

Thank you very much for your response

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The game backup he sold to you was an old one of mine. The backup is totally bugged with many bugs being hidden. I recommend doing a paypal dispute and getting your money back as it would cost you a lot to even get the script working to a good level. However, after that, if the custom code that has been coded within the game is seen on a live game, the game will be shut down.

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If you have email or msn record of the transaction then dispute it.

You could also send these to the webhost where skooda is renting his server from and get it shut down. I doubt you will upset anyone else other than skooda as I cannot imagine anyone else is paying him for hosting.

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Why would anyone wish to do that albert0?

Your just looking for something for not much money as you cannot afford it and without putting any effort into it yourself.

I can suggest two things

1. Get a job and increase your level of income.

2. Get some enthusiasm and do it yourself.

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