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Okay here goes, one thread devoted to helpful links for web developers. *It's an unfinished list* Please note, whilst some are tutorials not all are, a few will be sites to prominent developers that frequently talk about techniques and tricks, others could be books that are available from Amazon and other publishers.

HTML, CSS, Javascript;


ASP.NET ( & C# - *omited VB unless it's of use to this community then I will put some VB resources here too.)

SQL: (I'll put things relating to MySQL, SQLight etc here)

Worthy Mentions (Here I will put things that at the time of addition do not have a place in a section, or things that are on here on the forums or just things that are useful.)

Okay please note, this is not a finished list, I'll continue to add to it, refine sections and such, this is just the start. I'll be adding resources for Ruby (and frameworks/gems) next. All resources were found by, memory,bookmarks,Google, StackOverflow,threads on here. 4: The amount of times, VB tried to screw me over whilst writing this thread. :mad:

Notice: There's a few tools within this thread now (and more to come), so I may split it out into a section on just tools (language independent).

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Oh yes! Honorable mention :D

There is talk of converting that lot into a series of blog posts, but...

I still need to do #6? iirc which kills a couple of major bugs that are

usually missed and make an attempt at addressing the rather tricky

brute-force prevention trick.

I think a series of blog posts is a great idea (providing you're willing to continue on) as the previous 5 threads are rather helpful to have.

There was also talk of having a specific board just for those types of challenges, however I haven't followed up on it, so no idea if Nickson is still wanting to do such a thing.

Thanks Alain.

Thanks Biohazard, that's the goal.

I should probably mention, anyone feels like they've found or know of a good resource that isn't in the list, share it! I will add it to the list. :D

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Why do think such a thing?

Links will be added shortly, thanks. #Edit: Links added (-the RTFM one, it's somewhat unnecessary.)

Thanks Spirit, don't have a section for courses, so I'll add it to Worthy Mentions for now. :)

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Why do think such a thing?

Well, books always try to cover a broad range of subjects. Which is normally impossible, so they abbreviate chapters into a summary.

I for one, much rather prefer to read a book that is specifically focused on what I need to do later, eg. Code Simplicity by Max Kanat-Alexander.

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