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  1. rednspirited


    wish it was a bit more customize able but its good
    nice to have an area to keep notes on things for your game play
  2. rednspirited


    always nice to have a hospital 🙂
    good mod works well thanks 🙂 would like to see some options about adding in hospital and jail time as well as different items but maybe thats just me 🙂
  3. rednspirited


    love this one thank you 🙂
    good mod had a lil trouble at first but got it done and its great 🙂
    like this and it is easy to use thanks
  4. rednspirited


    good mod thanks 🙂 is there anyway to beable to allow for deleting comments that are too colorful?
  5. rednspirited


    always a great mod no matter the game thanks love it 🙂
    great mod thanks its a must have for those who just love to keep people guessing lol
    like the mod made it easy for levels now to figure out the part i want to go with 🙂 thanks though good mod
    works great had an issue but was fixed quickly thanks 🙂 you did good work and are great with service.
  6. nice i like your mods hope you keep at it 🙂
  7. is there someone who could make a mod so you get levels and ranks. like level 1-10 be a say noob then level 11-20 be a beginner, or what ever rank suits your game.
  8. this sounds great to me i like that idea and you got thanksgiving in the us in november.
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