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  1. understand that :) but i can work in my own thanks think a percent gain every 5 mins would work :)
  2. that works but how do you gain back power? i cant find that any where, should i add in to a crons files?
  3. ok here is what i get global $db, $ir, $c, $userid, $h; $chance = rand(1,130); require('mine_globals.php'); $query=$db->query("SELECT `inv_itemid` FROM `inventory` where `inv_itemid` = 60 && `inv_userid` = $userid"); //Replace 60 with your Basic Mining Pickaxe item ID. $i=mysqli_fetch_array($query); if ($place != 27) { echo"You are not in Southford!"; exit; } this is the code area I did notice that I didnt change the 60 went through and did that but still get the same message Went and checked the inventory SQL and all is good there
  4. Yes I did that too got past that point. now in the first city when i click on southford i get when i click on any other city im not in i get the message and yes i have a pick axe
  5. im having the same issue when i try running the mine A critical error has occurred, and this page cannot be displayed. Please try again later. the code all checks good when i check not sure what ive done wrong.
  6. ok i up graded to v2 did shades mod but this is what i get.
  7. so it has to be a mod then got it thanks :)
  8. Is there a way to boost will power to 500% for power training? I have tried using the add item but it still only does 100%
  9. ok ill retry :) this time it worked dont know what my silly self did wrong first time :)
  10. ok thanks i like the idea of them being able to see what you meant buy the house name :)
  11. is this still an available mod i like the idea :)
  12. Still happening lol but heres a better idea of whats up. when you click the address bar it gives the wrong id if you get the players id and plug it in the bar you can heal them.
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