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  1. it was at 1 and i got that error after reading here i changed it 0.
  2. well i will try here and see what happens got the mod did the installs but i get this when i log in i have added a house to the property db with an id of 0 i have also changed the house db house to id of 0. not sure what to do next is there anyone able to help? btw im running mccodes v2
    had a hicup but got it going its great thanks 🙂
    works great and easy to install. thanks 🙂
    thanks for this i cant wait to be using it. it was an easy install.
    I like the mod. It was quick and easy to install. Just have to remember that you need to add the gift link to a page.
  3. is there a program that allows you to virtually run a website so you can test modifications before actually changing files on your website? Hope this is the right place to ask
  4. not sure if this is the right spot or not so i am sorry in advance if its not. but is there a mod for or a way to completely ban an ip address?
  5. ok i have tried to run my crons via and outside cronjob and they still dont seem to work. the outside source says no errors but nothing changes. i will also add that my time and the game time is different is there a way to set the game in my timezone?
  6. my crons dont work think its due to the server not wanting to be loaded down by all the minute changes. i use mccodes2 is there a program out there that can be added that does the same thing as cronjobs with out using the cronjobs?
  7. ok i cant figure what im doing wrong i have all the fields filled but i still get an error saying that they are not filled
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