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  1. will this work with the new version of gl?
  2. will this work with the new version of gl?
  3. will this work with the new version of gl?
  4. hmmm hadnt noticed that one 🙂 ty
  5. also need a way to add npcs to the game Another good thing would be a comments section on players page
  6. well i will be getting the premium this week and i love the free version have some old mods and was wondering if they need updating or not? lots are yours but some are not im just waiting to see what doesn't come with premium.
  7. thanks i was told that got it done. i didnt think to check those files
  8. got the free version to start and get the ball rolling on some things as far as word changes but i can not find where Boss & Underboss are to change them to what i need can anyone help me?
  9. ok will get it next pay day thanks 🙂
  10. when will the premium version be for sale?
  11. rednspirited


    wish it was a bit more customize able but its good
    nice to have an area to keep notes on things for your game play
  12. rednspirited


    always nice to have a hospital 🙂
    good mod works well thanks 🙂 would like to see some options about adding in hospital and jail time as well as different items but maybe thats just me 🙂
  13. rednspirited


    love this one thank you 🙂
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