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  1. Ditto. You're still a noob though. 😉
  2. I don't know if you are aware, but I made a similar free version of this about 5 years ago. Available here: http://makewebgames.io/showthread.php/30194-mccode-v2-50-50-Chance-Mod
  3. After failing to resell the game, I have listed it on Flippa. It's the full rights to the engine, and is unique code, none has been resold. May interest some on here, link: https://flippa.com/2947472-rightpursuit-com-unique-php-text-based-money-making-morpg-game
  4. Ah, one of my old favourites... When I first did this in 2007 (age 16) I was labelled .gif A re-take 6 years later has labelled me .cgi Interesting...
  5. http://www.isomerizer.com/?x=mods http://makewebgames.io/showthread.php/33344-Rock-Paper-Scissors-10
  6. Thanks guys, response deadline is this Wednesday night. Need as many responses as possible, please complete MWG community!! =]
  7. Thanks Spud, an interesting read and some good testing. I'll use this within my research. :)
  8. I am trying to develop a basic PHP tool to record the response times of a website, when using HTTP and HTTPS. Overall, I wish to record several times and then compare them. To give an overview of the difference of speed between HTTP & HTTPS. I am using CURL, I have made this so far:   <?php // curl handle $ch = curl_init($_GET['x']); // ?x= url target curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_FRESH_CONNECT, 1); // fresh connection, don't cache curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER, 1); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_CERTINFO, 1); // enables SSL ? // execute / load website curl_exec($ch); // check for error if(!curl_errno($ch)) { $c = curl_getinfo($ch); echo 'Sending request to: ' . $c['url'].' <br /> Connect time: '.$c['connect_time'].'<br /> Name Lookup time: '.$c['namelookup_time'].'<br /> Pre transfer time: '.$c['pretransfer_time'].'<br /> Header size: '.$c['header_size'].'<br /> Average download speed: '.$c['speed_download'].'<br /> Took <b>'.$c['total_time'].'</b> seconds in total'; } // close curl curl_close($ch); ?>   Does anyone know if CURL does indeed take into account the HTTPS headers and additional procedures it completes (e.g. handshake phase) when establishing a connection? I think I have set the CURL options correctly, I have ran several tests, they seem to differ. But I need to know if CURL is accurate for this sort of testing, or would you recommend something else? HTTP: http://www.isomerizer.com/curl.php?x=http://www.google.com HTTPS: http://www.isomerizer.com/curl.php?x=https://www.google.com Also, would my webserver hosting the PHP make a difference?
  9. Hi all, I am currently working on my dissertation to complete my final year of University. I am doing it on the topic of SSL / TLS. I have conducted a survey aimed at web admins, advanced web users, web developers etc etc. I think the majority of this community is the audience I am looking for. If you have 10 minutes spare, could you please complete this survey. It will help me greatly with my research. https://docs.google.com/a/myport.ac.uk/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dHpOVjBaa3Q1YmhkWHR5NUdqX2xyOHc6MQ Thanks in advance. :)
  10. Yes, 55 US dollars for the basic pack.   They'll be kept in a licensing database.   Thanks :)
  11. I think 3 months support is plenty. After 3 months they'll still have the chance to catch me on here and post a question, however they won't have access to a ticket system I'll be using (partnered with the hosting offered). I recognise the name now, I haven't been very active on these forums recently. So not up to scratch with recent username changes. Thanks for the support, my prices were a little high - they have been reduced.
  12. lol, MCCODES was always coded poorly from the start, it'll contain it's reputation as a kiddie script for years to come, mine is new and coded from scratch upwards. Credit to them if they finally pulled their finger out and recoded. My game offers something new, potential buyers always have the choice to choose another engine, no need to get defensive. No idea who Paul is or what on earth is redux, I assume it's some sort of MCCODE update, I don't tend to follow it as much as I used too. I believe it to be secure, nothing is totally secure. But securer then most. Indeed, it contains my scripts, why would I leave them out? I coded them, I included them. I have only promoted it here, so far. Noone, apart from myself has seen the source code. Limited support with the basic package, full support with Vantage. I hope this answers all your questions, feel free to ask me more. But please do not turn this into a rant / comparison to other engines.
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