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  1. Damn, yea. This was meant in the GL section. Would a move be possible @Dave?
  2. I hope you all are doing fine during the pandemic. Since I am not in any financial issues, I wanted to help the community a bit, so I bought all the GL modules I didnt already own. Besides that I might be able to pay for some development hours if any of you are in financial issues, it requires that you are familiar with GL modules. Also a note: Please make it possible to buy more modules at once, instead of having to buy each of them individually. Best wishes, Mark
  3. Depending on what you are trying, this first query will set the step to be 100: UPDATE `users` SET `steps` = 100 WHERE `steps` < 100 The next one will add 100 to the step: UPDATE `users` SET `steps` = `steps` + 100 WHERE `steps` < 100
  4. It's is on my todo list - but currently working on bigger module first. But once I have time I will update this with a admin interface for configurations.
  5. Mark Topper

    Crack The Safe

    Version 1.0.0


    This modules allows users to try to "crack the safe" by choosing the safe combination. Settings are placed in "crackTheSafe.inc.php", it supports the following: - Time between how often a user can give it a try - Amount of possible inputs - Input values - Amount of correct combinations - Actions on failure - Actions on success - Multiple actions possible (set chance between them) - Loss health on action - Gain bullets on action - Gain money on action Feedback and ideas welcome.


  6. Mark Topper


    There was an issue with the success/failure notifications showing the wrong username. This has been fixed in v1.0.1. Also, please send feedback and suggestions for improvements here or in a private message.
  7. That is correct, like: <div style="display: none;"> ... </div>
  8. If it's displayed by default, and that is the issue, add this to the element: style="display:none;"
  9. Mark Topper


    Hi @Eurogangster. I just tested from a fresh installation of Gangster Legends, and I cannot trigger this issue. Anyhow I also do believe that it's an issue in the core, since the module.json file actually exists in this module, please ensure that all files are uploaded before installing the module and that Gangster Legends are up to date with the current version. Tested with a clean version from: https://github.com/ChristopherDay/Gangster-Legends-V2
  10. This is brilliant Dave, thank you 🙏 Will workout the algoritme, and make it modular for future proof.
  11. Hi @MNG. I have sent you a private message regarding this 🙂 It's a small extension, but also a low budget, but I am sure we will figure something out.
  12. Mark Topper


    Version 1.0.1


    This is a very small module, with no configurations at this moment - just made super fast - per user request. However configurations and more options are planned, and feel free to send me your ideas. So far this module does the following: This allows a player to mug another player If the player has more bullets than the player they mug, they will succeed (more game mechanics can come later) Upon success, the player steals 30% of the money the other player is holding (which are not in bank). The player mugged (or tried to mug) will get a notification of this The players name will only be shown to the player mugged in 25% of the cases. Please send feedback and ideas for this module, thank you.


  13. Do you have any ideas how to do the algoritme to define who wins the battle? I was thinking of simulating multiple shots, like first the defender was to attack, with the "weapon-stats" the player holds against the defenders "health-stats". After each round the player losses one bullet (plus maybe a 25% chance of missing - or this could be related to another kind of stat). Once one player has finished the attack for a round, the system will simulate the other players attack. This will go on until one player is dead, or if both players are out of bullets. What are your thoughts on this?
  14. I am already working on an attacking system for Gangster Legends and would like to hear more details about your needs and use case please.
  15. This was my plan as well, to have game platforms using this for its plugin library. However, please make sure there is also some versioning, so that the system can easily see when there is a new update of a module/plugin/theme and download it.
  16. Are you planning to do a API for the marketplace? In order to easily list available categories, items and updates, along with the option to download any purchased items directly through the API?
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