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  1. Hope these help someone. Adv Houses.zip Crafting System.zip Farming System.zip IP system.zip Username images.zip
  2. I created Version 2. I'm currently collecting offers on the price. @Curt @DeeComm
  3. Started life as GRPG v1 but was quickly changed to a custom engine. Security is pretty decent.
  4. The original domain has stayed with a past host and will not be transferred. All rights would go with the buyer. We're not expecting anywhere near $50-$60k.
  5. Sure do! I have PayPal logs and a tax 1099 for this year. 😊
  6. Hello guys. I'm currently selling PrisonStruggle2.com and prisonstruggleclassic.com Both come with full files and database along with photoshop PSD's for the layouts/templates. PS2 was launched January 12th 2019 and has made an average of $3,000 per month. PSC was launched December 27th 2019 and has made an average of $2,300 per month. PSC has 20+ active subscriptions between $12-40 per. Both games have an activity of around 80 users online in 24 hours. With peeks of 30 users online in 15mins. Me and the wife just want a honeymoon we didn't get 🙂 No reasonable offer will be ignored.
  7. Welcome to MWG. Looking forward to seeing what you have to offer around here! 🙂
  8. $inv = $db->query( "SELECT `inv_qty`, `itmsellprice`, `itmid`, `inv_id`, `effect1_on`, `effect2_on`, `effect3_on`, `weapon`, `armor`, `pet`, `head`, `itmtypename`, `itmdesc`, `itmpic` FROM `inventory` AS `iv` INNER JOIN `items` AS `i` ON `iv`.`inv_itemid` = `i`.`itmid` INNER JOIN `itemtypes` AS `it` ON `i`.`itmtype` = `it`.`itmtypeid` WHERE `iv`.`inv_userid` = {$userid} ORDER BY `i`.`itmtype` ASC, `i`.`itmname` ASC"); $id = $db->fetch_row($inv); //this is getting the img url so it should work if he fixes his markup
  9. <img src='{$id['itmpic']}' class='thumbnail style='background-color: transparent width='50' height='50'> Notice anything?
  10. We funded more than a few of his nights out. 😉
  11. I'm crazy cheap! Alright I'll bite. LK Alright this hosting is pretty good. Really fast and decent tech support. Same old Dave hosting. Worth it and more.
  12. Basically? Do they have access to server files? I don't trust either one of them. lol
  13. Who owns / runs this service? Is it CB/stew or yourself?
  14. I love that you offer 1min crons. Is they a limit to how many crons I can run at once?
  15. Still no communication from @ColdBlooded
  16. I have made over $100 seems like people still buy. I'm just one person. I still buy stuff from people. So yes, it is old but it is still a place we need for mods that are no longer active on the forum.
  17. Well when they are getting money for doing absolutely nothing I care.
  18. No. I added that as an edit just now. I cant see who buys my stuff I cant get my money and I cant stand this damn system.
  19. I have had nothing but horrid experience with the Mccode website. For over a year I have been trying to get my money into my paypal. Today it hit over $100 and it's time to bitch moan and complain until something is done. Clearly they are just keeping money they do not have the right to. I want my money and I want all my mods removed. This has gone on far to long. Id also like to change my paypal email address but cant because they isn't an option. Second edit: I also cant see who buys anything so I cant offer any kind of support / updates. I also cant download my files to edit them and re-upload as some of them are from 5 years ago. @Dave @ColdBlooded @Dabomstew
  20. Hello MWG's. I have been using more and more javascript (JS) as of late to enhance my user's experience (Reloading stats, user bars, events etc). Today I started on a path of exploring what can be done without JS to solve the on page load issue with most PBBG engines. Looking into raw PHP and HTML I have moved down the path of ob_start(); for output buffering: moving all user info above the start of HTML/body has made my user's experience far better. I no longer reload user stats, events and such as the output buffer from ob_start(); updates on page display (load). Thus saving on queries and user bandwidth. I've removed all JS from my client side and started down a simpler path to go back to basics. Doing this has forced me to be more cautious of where I place PHP and HTML code on a page and cleaned up a lot of my code. Do any of you have a similar experience of removing something to learn a different way around a problem? I'd love to hear them.
  21. For mccodes? My developer made me an IPN for mccodes if that interests you.
  22. Mr Kaine! Been a while. Glad to see you're still as awesome as ever. Mccodes has more of an easy learning curve than most engines with arguably less bugs. GRPG is my personal favorite (HTML outside of PHP). Though is comes with it's own nest of bugs. EzRPG is a great base with little of anything else. Gangster Legends v2 is a good starting point but lacks a community. NEaB is overpriced but great for a more graphical approach to web gaming.
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