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[mccode] Mod Sale [$10.00 - $95.00]


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DBS Mod Sale


Pack 0 (NEW)


- Cock Fight ($10)

- Board Game ($15)

- Rock, Paper, Scissors ($10)

Orignal price: $35

Sale Price: $17 (Less the halfprice!)

Pack 1

- Battle Arena ($20)

- Hide & Seek ($20)

- Password System ($10)

- Break In ($20)

- Farm ($25)

- Treasure Map ($25)

- Minesweeper ($5)

- Auto Train ($40)

- Sexual Appearance ($10)

- Insurance ($10)

- Quests ($40) - Geek quest, ip address quest, trivia quest, treasure quest, warehouse quest


Original Price: $225

Sale Price: $95 (Less then half price!).

Pack 2

- Battle Arena

- Hide & Seek

- Treasure Map

- Break in

Original Price: $85

Sale Price: $35 (Less then half price!).

Pack 3

- Password System

- Minesweeper

- Auto Train

- Farm

Original Price: $80

Sale Price: $30

Other Info

All mods can be bought seperately, and other deals can be arranged.

Feel free to contact me if you want to arrange another pack to suit you.


Paypal: [email protected]

Website: http://isomerizer.com/index.php?x=mods

Demo: isomerizer.com/demo

I'd also like to add, I freelance program. So if your interested, be sure to pm me. ;)

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Re: DBS Mod Sale

Impressive, in the password mod did you mean you made your own encryption or that you encrypted md5 into md5

if its the second one...

wouldn't it be easier doing something like md5 into md4 into sha1 into md5


echo "$password3";

then the decryption to original md5 would be


$ups=$db->num_rows($db->query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE login_name='{$_POST['username']}' AND userpass='$password3'"));


or something like that lol thats just a quick example

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Guest Anonymous

Re: DBS Mod Sale

Mathematically, this is a *very* bad idea. It becomes much more likely that collisions will be generated as each phase is using a tiny dataset (0-9, a-f). (Crackers love this of thing)

Why not use sha1($password . "a nice lot random piece of text"), or sha256($password . "another bit of text");

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Guest Anonymous

Re: DBS Mod Sale

Take for example:

$hash1 = md5("yúue6 74823y gh5$%ú$%h d8ehjla f{iuf`re }dl'gf}]g4wjd;88 [uyf7e.");

Now your chances of producing a collision from that is difficult.

Now take:

$hash2 = md5($hash1);

Your chances of producing a collision are a lot greater. Why? Simple, far less characters to look at (only 0-9, a-f this time).

Now take:

$hash3 = md5($hash2);

Guess what -- it's actually easier to produce a collision at this point. Why? We started with a simple data stream and have reduced the complexity even further.

So each layer actually reduces the complexity, hence the reason a single hash is all that is needed.

We "salt" hashes (md5($data, "salt string known only to you")) as a simple safeguard in case someone gains access to the hash in the DB (After all rainbow tables exist for md5 and sha1).

If you "think" it's better, more secure, you are sadly mistaken. I can't explain the math behind it, while I understand a fair bit of it, my knowledge is insufficient to give a clear proof, but it does exist.

For a cracker to break a multiple hash system, he can safely ignore the (often complex) input data and simply try combinations of the characters used in the output stream (i.e. 0-9, a-f). This is obviously far faster.

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Re: DBS Mod Sale

I would go with some thing like this:


$password_file = "ATC//!#"!BS'''";
$password_get = mysql_real_escape_string(md5($_POST['password']));
$password_con = $password_get.$password_file;
$query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE userpass=".$password_get) or die(mysql_error());
if(mysql_num_rows($query) == 0)
    echo 'Sorry no one with this password.';
    $fetch = mysql_fetch_assoc($query);
    if($fetch['password_protect'] != $password_con)
         echo 'Sorry, but for highly securement you can not login.';


I use a similar system like that.

But now to the point the password_file they will need to put one in when they register and it can never be changed. Now also a forgot password system i am busy making will also require for them to put in the password_file. It is pretty secure as no one can get in, they think by using the get userpass is going to work then use md5decrypt.com is going to work, they wrong.

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Re: [mccode] Mod Sale [$10.00 - $80.00]

i know this is an old but yet quite interesting topic, and with the example killah showed up... i wouldn't consider it as well, as one $salt is not an option, but getting on the way Nyna told, some random salt would be just much of a better idea.

so something like:


$salt = $ir['email'];
$password = md5($salt.$ir['password']);


Would be even a better randomly generated salt encryption, making the $salt unique for every single user. Although, you could also, add a few more options to even randomize it even further.

Just my $0.02 :)

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