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  1. LMAO i don't blame you considering it's 2 year old lol
  2. You may wanna watermark that image actually peter, some people are ... lets just say less nice and will just steal it from that.
  3. Amazing work Peter, if no one buys it ill take it for free lol (joke)
  4. I was actually after something like this for my game but if you do make it ill simply convert it (im crap with JS).
  5. Hype is my middle name pal...
  6. My auction script won't give money back on bids, for two reasons 1) It's a great way to get back some of that game currency. 2) Deters members from placing practice bids of high amounts.
  7. Try SHA256 and add salt... simple.
  8. Danny... Every post i read of yours, your rather swearing or insulting someone. Your starting to get really annoying... you would put it inside the div identifiers and with the CSS have the images as background images.
  9. Actually it's Paul and my favourite acronym is LOL but my (own invented) favourite word is Nooblet.
  10. LOL i've actually only used RTFM once or twice... i prefer LOL (obsessed with it). Good luck with learning Aries.
  11. try advancing it a little, with a couple of formatting functions or something (i created two functions for my users online which now i use in all places of the site).
  12. <table width = "100%" class = "table" align = "center"> would be something like what i'd use.
  13. OI! that's my word nooblet now jog on :P
  14. ^what the newb said :)^
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