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  1. Hi there, i will charge you $10 for the pagination of all 3 page's, including the hospital :) And then $30 to go over all your file's, but.. $2 per file to fix. So let's see. Example: Pagination + Check Up + 5 Repaired Files = $50.
  2. Ooooo, looky, i did actualy send the modfication. And it was my aunt that stayed just by the way, both my grans have passed away.   Hmmm..     So from my side it was sent.. i will look through my emails to see if it still there, if not your loss, im gone.
  3. Got proof of this siad source code? If not kindly keep quiet :)
  4. Obviously to this immature playground douch. Must you appear everywhere?
  5. You can do what you want, i have been gone from coding for a very long time, i asked DJK last to pay for my hosting which he gladly did, i still have not received any funds into my paypal. Which is why i am actualy trying to post around here for thing's to do while i am doing my own project's. As for your EQ, thank's for your rather lame excuse.. just because i used the staff panel from mccode v2 as a layout when i was integrating my own and which you saw does not mean the rest is mccode's, but, believe what you want, as a real live gameplay will prove your fact's very wrong. As i stated
  6. I will charge you $30 for this modification, payment upfront, will be delivered in 2 working day's, and will be solely for your site. Please let me know via pm system, thank you very much.
  7. Well paul, the last time i have actualy used the mccode's v2.0 mysql library, was like uhm, 5 year's ago. I used it for like 1 month when it first came out and never used it since.
  8. Nice modification, glimpsed quickly over the code, and nice to see some one else using mysql_fetch_assoc() :)
  9. Maybe should of put this thread to people who do not own there own server's or on a friend's server perhap's? Talking about shared hosting.
  10. As previously asked DreamCoder, I personally would like to see a new example please.
  11. Well, a carry over from [mccode v2.x] House Images + Updated Estate Agent to see who has actualy got the new php version. If you need instructions to get your php version: Step 1 - Login to CPanel Step 2 - Scroll down to bottom and look for: PHP version 5.2.16 Step 3 - Vote on poll. I am not trying to argue, nor tend for anyone to think im trying to cause an arguement, so if you think im trying to argue, please leave.. oh wait no.. JUST GO!
  12. No not stupid at all actualy, let's have a poll shall we? Going off this topic.
  13.   There you saying it also. Need i say more? :sleeping:
  14. You see what you're saying there? :thumbdown:
  15. Peter, not all player's want the availability to play the game on their phone. How ever, yes people do look for the eye catching candy and user friendly design's.
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