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So over the years I've made a few mods and after 10 years i felt it was time my mods got its own site to make it easier to find.

You are more than welcome to check out my Mod Site and let me know what you think.

Its had plenty of views already but havent officially posted about it yet so i decided its time.

Any Feedback or/and ideas are welcome.



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Thanks for the positive feedback. I keep fiddling everyday, little tweeks trying to improove.
If you have any paid/free mods that you wish to add. Do get in contact. 
I added which platforms aswell so it doesn't have to be mccodes 😄
Its good exposure.

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3 hours ago, corruptcity || skalman said:

yeah that one couldn't figure out how to get it to show when I did it as It showed it as a link lol.

I just dragged the image from my desktop into the text box 😄
Any donations from my site and mods will be going to getting myself a computer desk and chair as I'm currently on the floor and its not good for my legs and back so my PC time has been limited 😞

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9 hours ago, Zerex said:

Awesome collection, work and website!


Keep up the great work!

Thanks, The website is a box standard look from my old game, Its simple, easy to maintain and nice simple way to track my mods 😄

My mods output is slow at the moment as i'm working on v3 of infamous wars (started 1st August)

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