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Been a while (update)


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Thought a would share one of the things i have been working on.

As i have a lot of work commitments sometimes takes a lot longer to do stuff now.

So far glad how this has turned out.

Its fully real time doesn't use ajax polling fully web socket.

was looking for something a bit discord like where you could have normal chats or create group chats.


live updates of messages being removed etc


full emoji support


live filtering of chat to stop unwanted messages


any feedback would be great as always looking to improve the system. Thanks

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14 minutes ago, BeNiiiBoiii said:

Brilliant work urbanz always love seeing your stuff 🙂

Thanks hopefully people will be able to see it live at some point, just always come up with better idea to try out. need to stop lol and just release it 

On 2/17/2022 at 1:04 AM, MNG said:

Feedback - Just sell the game to me and do all backend/front work. The people need to see  this creation!

lol i think at this point too much attachment to the project which is nice but also just want it to be over and released.

Always a problem is OCD haha

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