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Hey, all! I'm wondering if anyone knows of a program, preferably free, that will change images to game icons. Like the example above. Neither are my images, I searched an old game for an example and then searched google for the "live" pic to give you an idea of what I'd like to be able to do.

I'm lousy at graphics. Basically anything I try to do in any type of graphics goes from sugar to shit very quickly. Any and all help would be appreciated. 

Thanks!! 🙂

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Welllll ... this is what I came up with after many hair pulling hours. Working in Paint, built in pic editor and Gimp.

It started with finding the outer frame, the background texture and the sword. 

The frame wasn't what 100% what I wanted so I spliced the pic, saving the top half, then mirror imaged it. Yeah. One job done. Not. I had to use GIMP to cut out the inside of the frame to make it transparent. Then I pulled the background texture into GIMP, then pasted the frame onto the texture and cut out the external areas of the texture around the frame. Yay! Then I opened that in my built in pic editor and added a filter. Woot. Then I found a pic of the sword, opened it in GIMP then clickety click clicked my way until the sword was all that was left. Then I added the sword to the texture-filtered frame!! A woo and two hoos ... I have something I'm proud of for my first attempt.

I went from sugar to shit more times than I care to count while doing this. Saving version after version every time I made a change. I know it's not up to a lot of other patrons of MWG's graphics community, but not too shabby either. (I think)

I have always respected those of you that can do graphics .. but after this ... I have a new admiration for anyone that does this day in and day out. 

So ... what do you think? 😛


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