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Gangster Legends Setup/ McCodes


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Looking to get someone to setup and test my gangster legends script it has 0 bugs and is ready to go. So it is just basically making crimes and other details for users lvl 0 - 200,

Also looking for someone that can make a custom layout for mccodes v2 and add some features and other things things to this script.


Anyone interested please contact me here or PM.


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Can make scripts for mccodes for you if you need. (cost depends on mods or whatever needs done)

Install gangster legends and test the whole game make sure it is bugless. pretty sure it would be @Dayois still working on the engine as far as i know i am sure he would of patched up any issues.  adding in levels and experience easy enough.

$50.00 to install Gangster Legends script add levels and experience 0-200 and test the modules if you wish to speak further than contact me via pm or at [email protected] or my personal website to get a fb chat box that will come right to my mobile. sure its in the footer already but ill add it anyways lol SmartWeb Productions .

I have a deal on if you spend $20.00 from the store on any of my modules (There's quite a lot for mccodes v2.0.5b) you will receive *** ANY MODULE FROM THE MARKET CREATED BY ME FOR ANY ENGINE OR A CUSTOM CODED ONE **.




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