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Neab been given new life...


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Neab/RPE is undergoing a massive transformation and is being updated to work with PHP 7.4 and higher new features are being added and new character map/layout and images are being implemented. This is work in progress and we are pleased with the current results. The old admin panel has been upgraded and more options for staff have been added. your probably wondering why I have placed RPE after Neab well the new name for Neab engine.. is Rusted Pipe Engine...

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23 hours ago, Uridium said:


we ran into a lot off issues when trying to revive NEAB especially the outdated Javascript and would constantly break, However this hasnt deterred us from attempting another go at bringing it into 2022

Feel free to ping me if you want some help with the JavaScript side of things, probably fairly easy to make it work in modern browsers.

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