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Co-Owner Partnership Long-term

ricki b

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I am on the look out for a partner a co-owner to basically help me run everything, set up everything, go 50/50 on all costs, and to take our browser game to the next le

I am currently planning how the game should run. I’m thinking something Fantasy toon crime based but any suggestions I’m grateful.

My skills are SEO targeting marketing on Keywords narrowing down the best resulting keywords per clicK for the best percentage in views.

I currently don’t have a pc so everything done by phone but will get one soon. Which means everything should be done by the partner until I’m ready to get a pc. (Give me a week).

I really want to make something happen from scratch anyone interested add me on discord browsergame#8305


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Id be interested. I been seeking this myself. EXCEPT that everything be done by scratch. It already takes long enough to code things with a pre-built engine. I definitely am not trying to recode stuff I've spent the last several months building.

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