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Looking for some help


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  1. I am looking for help with a new basic mccode template it only needs very little done, however i don't have any money to pay but if anyone is free and would like to help me or even teach me how todo it myself i have been studying html the last two days my knowledge has grown a little i'm moving to CSS then PHP next anyway i am rambling if anyone is able to assist me please dm me i would really appreciate it. 
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2 hours ago, Mafia-Underworld said:

Just a simple line added to the template and a photo added where it says "Mafia-Underworld" on my website 


And changing the template color from white to a grey sorta like the color on https://www.torn.com

Sorry for posting it in a font that couldn't be read lmao

If I've understood correctly, wrap that part in a div then apply a background colour of #CCC

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Okay if you apply a class name to the div above, you can use something like;


selector:pseudo-class {
  property: value;


for example, you pseudo class will be before, add;



background:URL(path here);

background-size etc



This should work, if not I can pay closer attention when I finish work 6pm gmt






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