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Hello Everyone,

I opened a new game back in May 2020 and have been making improvements. The script originated from mccodes but has since grown into my own custom script. The game is loaded with features. I'm currently working on making the website mobile friendly and possibly putting an app on the app store. Feel free to drop some feedback. You can be as honest as you want, I've been around quite a while so I can handle it 😉


This is the home page. If you look close you can spot Dave's Shoutbox mod 😛 Thanks Dave 😉 



The game is loaded with custom features like this for instance is my gym page.



Here is another feature I created called the Rampage Zone.



The gang system is pretty extensive as well. 


I've got a new position at work, so I have been able to put more time toward developing the game.

Check it out :


Hope all is well,



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45 minutes ago, Mr. Annoyed said:

Looks like almost everything was ripped straight from thugbattle

Maybe the same person created both of those games?

If you do a search of the forums for thugbattle you will see that creating an account just to pick a fight on an old post isn't necessary.

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3 hours ago, Mr. Annoyed said:

It just feels low effort af. So when I saw the post saying he made these things for hobobattle I just had to comment. 

And apologies I admit I was annoyed at first but I come in peace. 

Ignoring the fact that it's the same creator; Keep in mind that there are lots of games out there. It's very easy to see multiple games that have the same type of mods, without ever having seen someone elses game/s. The more games that are created, the fewer original ideas there are forthcoming. Just sayin'.

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Don't think it applies here as there is barely any change made to the original template used in thugbattle. This is low effort. He could've at the very least changed up the style of the page, made it look different while keeping all the options the same but nope. Its practically thugbattle's twin (almost). 


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Just to lay the argument to rest, Hobo Battle is a clone of Thug Battle. This was announced and well known before I even opened the game. I even stated this frequently during the months leading up to opening Hobo Battle. I'm transparent with my players.

I am however happy the post has been bumped up 🙂

No publicity is bad publicity, right ? 😄

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