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The Purpose of Hooks


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I been going threw the code the last couple days just to see the flow of things, but I still can't figure out what the purpose of these hooks are for? If someone could explain and give a better example of using them cause for now, I don't see much of a purpose to them. They seem to be for creating menu links if I am correct?


Also, is there a simple way to call other module methods. For example: $this->leaderboards(): Future reference. As I don't see an easy way to call data from other modules without editing the module itself. 😞

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im not great with hoocks  but ik what i seen so far , it add links, with sorting and for me it add icon, you can add condition to them lets say if user is in a gang he get this link instead of the other, i saw once a hook used for timers 

as for the other Q im not sure never hitted my mind but its great having just one function instead of coping it in 2 mods, i would love to hear more @Dayo


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