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[GLV2][THEME][FREE] Default Theme with 3 columns


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I have tried installing this but unfortunately get this when installing via the admin panel:


    [file] => Array
            [name] => default2columns.zip
            [type] => application/x-zip-compressed
            [tmp_name] => /storage/ssd3/952/12098952/tmp/phpIKpnPB
            [error] => 0
            [size] => 786238

File:/storage/ssd3/952/12098952/public_html/modules/installed/themeManager/themeManager.admin.php Line:46


Is it perhaps best to install manually if I can?





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55 minutes ago, Magictallguy said:

Possibly missing PHP's zip library from your installation?
Have you successfully installed other modifications before this?

I deleted the install folder via FTP but I've been absolutely fine with installing all other modules so far, so I'm a little confused! ?

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