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    Just brilliant. One of the best modules released in a long time!
  1. Let me know when it's live! 😊
  2. Looks awesome! Been looking for this for some time
  3. All good and works sexy. Thank you!
  4. Hi, I am getting the following error when logging in to the site after installing the module. Thanks, L
    Very good and fun for the users to use! Easy to customise for prizes too! Recommend a download. 😄
  5. Simple idea, probably been thought of many times before - the ability to move your car in the garage section from one location to another at a cost of dollars, maybe even points?? Thanks, L
  6. Looking forward to this one!!
  7. On their profile page is fine! For example: Longshot (banner) Rest of profile
  8. Howdy. I hope everyone is doing well during their lock down phase. Some of you may have more time available to them, which I plan on taking advantage on with this topic! 🤣 I'm looking for quite a large module being created for achievements, where the user gets them triggered after certain events. Each achievement will give the user a banner (which canl create). The user can then go onto their achievements page and select the achievement banner they wish to display on their profile (they can only show one), but the page will show all of the banners they have earnt. I appreciate this is probably quite a meaty module, so I am willing to pay more. Budget up to £50. Let me know if interested, and stay safe 🙂
  9. Yes it has been done, thanks.
  10. It would be nice to be able to add images in admin panel of each vehicle, and perhaps be able to add other vehicles such as motorbikes. When the person is successful in stealing a vehicle, the image shows! 🙂 willing to pay for this feature.
  11. Longshot


    Great little module, especially as it can be a bolt on to lots of different modules like mug, kill, hospitalise...etc! Well worth a download.
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