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Discord Chat & Partnership with PBBG.com


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Forums are great for communicating, but sometimes you want to be able to speak with your fellow community members via a more instant method. I recently put up a poll, all be it for not very long asking what chat software you'd like to use. The polls were siding with Discord heavily, so I've gone ahead and approached the guys from http://pbbg.com/ and we'll be combining our Discord chats (even though MWG never had one) to create one even larger community.

You can join the discord via this link: https://discord.gg/BGRtuFV

Alongside there are now links to "Discord Chat" & "PBBG Directory" in the main header.

@FoohonPie is the creator of PBBG.com and will also be looking to use our forum boards for their discussions as well. 

Here's to a great partnership formed out of common interests!

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4 minutes ago, FoohonPie said:

Hi everybody, nice to meet you all. ?

I look forward to a wonderful exchange between our communities for the benefit of our collective dev base. ?

Welcome! I’m excited to see our two communities interact. 

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